AUDIO: Not Happy About Dougie’s Return? This Will Change Your Mind

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Dougie Freedman’s return to Crystal Palace appears to have divided our fan-base into those who are elated with the news and those who are raging but if you fall into the latter category, I advise you to listen to the interview attached in the link just below, as there’s a pretty good chance it’ll change your mind about him.

This extended interview with Freedman was recorded in May of 2016. It changed my view of him hugely.

Whilst I can understand the bitter reaction many Palace fans have had to yesterday’s news, it’s worth examining the situation the club finds itself in from every angle before writing off the chances of Freedman working well now that he’s been placed back in an official role at Selhurst Park.

Despite Frank de Boer’s pedigree, he’ll be the first person to tell you that he’s used to working alongside a Director of Football. Commonplace in the European game, they act as a buffer between the manager and the board of directors, whilst also being able to focus a great deal of their time on player recruitment, contract negotiations and more.

In Freedman, we have a man who has tried his hand at management in the stereotypical sense, with varying degrees of success and now finds himself at something of a crossroads. Known to have a great eye for a player, (he brought in Bolasie, Jedinak, Ward and Glenn Murray for a start) he is likely to flourish in a role alongside Steve Parish which focuses directly on helping the club grow.

Plenty of fans are suggesting that the Scot is being put in place to take over should things head south with De Boer but I don’t see this move in that way at all. I could of course be wrong but I feel as though Dougie will remain as Director of Football, even if Frank leaves and is replaced by someone new. It’s an appointment which should, in theory, help both the manager and Steve Parish in equal measure.

If my passionate defence of the appointment hasn’t convinced you, I really do recommend giving the above interview a listen. I don’t care how badly you thought of Freedman when he left for Bolton, it is almost guaranteed to soften your feelings towards him.


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  • Michael Davies August 22, 2017 - 7:24 am Reply

    Great article, I think it’s a clever decision in all.

  • Jose Fonte baby? Jose Fonte? Oh oh oh August 22, 2017 - 11:14 am Reply

    Great move if it means we can speed up the transfer process an,d as you stated, he does have a good eye for a player so hopefully the scouting network will expand too. I read a Guardian article about how he recruited the players that got us promoted and he does seem like the sort of bloke that could sell doors door-to-door. Lucas Perez and Sakho before deadline anyone?

    However, i am a bit cynical about his appointment. Parish likes an inside man in the dressing room (Millen) and since they patched things up, Dougie could be the new man on the ground. I’m also still a bit annoyed about him leaking those texts to Cardif regarding us finding out their team selection before the game. Not the sort of move a man who is Palace through and through would make as a lot of his PR says.

    • admin August 23, 2017 - 8:07 am Reply

      I think it’s a sound move for the club on a number of levels. FdB likes to have a DoF in place and Freedman fits that in a number of ways.

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