de Boer’s Post-Match Comments Suggest 3-4-3 Is Here To Stay

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Yesterday saw Crystal Palace kick off the new season in dismal fashion, falling to a 3-0 defeat at home to Huddersfield Town. It was a result that new boss Frank de Boer expressed some rather direct views on in his press conference after the game.

These comments from de Boer suggest that the 3-4-3 system is going nowhere just yet.

After some early signs of promise relating to de Boer’s tactical shift during our pre-season fixtures, yesterday saw the Terriers cut us apart within the space of three first-half minutes, establishing a 2-0 lead which Palace never really looked like coming back from.

Having clearly instructed his side to play out patiently from the back, Hennessey’s nerves, Dann’s uncertainty and Joel Ward’s struggles on the right-hand side of the pitch all played their part in a truly torrid spell for the Dutchman during his first competitive fixture as Palace boss.

Whilst Wilfried Zaha and Scott Dann did waste golden chances to drag the team back into the game at 2-0, the general trend of the fixture from a red and blue perspective was one of frustration at a newly implemented system failing to click into place against a highly motivated unit in Huddersfield Town.

It doesn’t take a tactical mastermind to deduce that our biggest issues on the day came in the defensive third of the field and with a trip to face Liverpool at Anfield next up for de Boer and his players, we must all hope that yesterday’s humbling scoreline focuses the players minds on the need to markedly improve.

We all knew that the drastic changes being made by Frank de Boer would take time to bed in but given the unforgiving nature of the Premier League, he won’t be able to afford too many performances like yesterday if he is to keep the Eagles clear of the drop zone between now and May.

If I was watching all of this unfold from a neutral perspective, I’d be immensely intrigued as to how Frank goes about trying to bounce back but as someone with a vested interest, I’ll be approaching next weekend’s trip to Merseyside with nerves knotting up my stomach.

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  • Richard C August 13, 2017 - 7:49 am Reply

    You cannot use the Premier League as a playground for experimentation. Palace fans know that we don’t have the players to tippy tippy it out from the back and despite the fact that the system is supposed to give us 5 defenders when under pressure, they tore holes in our ranks. Frankly it was a mess with lots of individual mistakes being made. We will lose every game playing like that so we have to improve or tweak the formation to suit. You cannot judge the forthcoming season on one performance however I am concerned we will become the whipping boys of the league whilst adapting.

    • PCPFC August 13, 2017 - 2:48 pm Reply

      Couldn’t agree more, but the manager must take full responsibility. He previously claimed that ‘my defences don’t concede many goals’ and that he would evolve our playing style rather than be revolutionary (from the off), given the strengths of the players we have. It’s surely foolish in the extreme to change immediately from a relatively ‘successful’ and more confident back 4 under Sam to the vulnerable-looking tippy-tappy back 3 we saw vs Schalke, ESPECIALLY as we have a relatively easier (ie Top 6-free) start than most seasons. Much better to start with what works and accumulate some useful points early, then work on the Plan B, or new Plan A, progressively behind closed doors until the players understand and credibly embrace it. I thought this ahead of the game and I hope to be proven wrong, but stubbornly – very Dutch! – sticking to it over the next few games looks like a recipe for disaster…

      • admin August 13, 2017 - 2:54 pm Reply

        From a personal point of view, I was baffled and continue to be by Ward playing at RWB with Fosu-Mensah at RCB.

        I said on Twitter last night that Hennessey, without any hint of personal bias, is not capable of participating in a back three where he needs to play the ball regularly. From my own (admittedly limited) understanding of the game, if we fix those two issues in the transfer market, we may be ok but there is simply no settling in period for any manager in the Premier League.

  • Spiceboy August 13, 2017 - 8:39 am Reply

    Richard that was spot on fella the players do not possess the technical ability to play 3-4-3 end of. Ward has been terrible last few seasons and punch offers very little these days and sad to say we looked far stronger without dann at the end of last season. Big sam installed a team that had a half a chance of winning each game this team offers a cricket score defence and zero chance of winning. If de B continues with it he will be axed before Xmas. We need to go back to the old team and just frigging buy sakho for the love of god and make him captain. Seriously what crap manager benches Townsend and Tomkins absolute idiot. Rant over

  • Geone August 13, 2017 - 9:05 am Reply

    We need a new Keeper and new proven goal scoring striker I think De Boer system could possibly work in the Future, Sahko we simply cannot afford to buy him, and even if we do he wil only help marginally and what stop us going down

  • Spiceboy August 13, 2017 - 9:19 am Reply

    Geone. Sorry mate I respectfully disagree. He is a leader on and off the pitch he will keep the back line tight and will stop us conceding at will. If u r not water tight at the back u ain’t gonna win. He galvanised our defence last season and was the sole reason we r still a premier league team. We get him we stay up we don’t we r the whipping boys as Richard said.

  • tzcar August 13, 2017 - 11:41 am Reply

    de-boer,is a mistake no knoweldge of prem,with a team of carthorses.dann,ward,puncheon,hennessay,all at fault last let,s give em another player,s needed.battle hardened prem players.not ballerina,s from holland.but then parish alway,s faff,s around during signing player,s time.thing,s already look bleak.hiding waiting for us at anfield next week.

    • Richard Glen August 13, 2017 - 3:43 pm Reply

      this guy is spot on-well said tzcar! where is the money Parish????

  • Jose Fonte Baby? Jose Fonte? Oh Oh August 13, 2017 - 12:58 pm Reply

    I don’t think I can kick a ball as far as Joel Ward’s first touch. We all knew that a RWB, ball playing keeper and a back up striker would be needed to make this system work yet the manager and board haven’t plugged the gaps.

    Yesterday showed promise and I thought the new signing did well, the problem lies with the existing players. Most cannot adapt to the style and formation which left us very exposed. Luka was also very below par , Jedi-sequel distribution!

    Agree that FDB went for an interesting line up given the team used in friendlies and I also feel he has focused on us and not what Huddersfield would do. We couldn’t handle Mooy, Mournie and Ince and Billing controlled the midfield

    Zoet, van Rhijn and Ings on loan would fill most of the gaps and a big bid for Chambers or another CB would be good too. Then I’ll be happy!

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