This Piece On Palace’s Rivalry With Brighton Is Superb

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As any fan of Crystal Palace or Brighton will know, supporters of other clubs often look towards our rivalry with a serious dose of scepticism; with that in mind, the article attached below offers the perfect explanation for our mutual hatred of one another.

This piece explains, in detail, the deep rooted reasons for the passionate hatred the two clubs share. Bookmark it.

Yes, geographically, the rivalry makes little to no sense but as the above article explains, the tension between the Eagles and the Seagulls stems from a raft of games against one another 40 odd years ago, when both clubs were embroiled in bitter battles with one another through the English footballing pyramid.

Whilst I'm sure plenty of supporters on either side of the divide are already well aware of the role the likes of Alan Mullery, Terry Venables and Malcolm Alison all played in stoking the fires, the featured piece delves into greater detail than any article I've previously read on the subject, making it the perfect weapon to unleash upon anyone who scoffs when hearing that we see Brighton in a worse light than either Millwall or Charlton.

Quite rightly, the piece has received a raft of positive feedback from those on the south coast, all of whom are probably just as tired as us of explaining why we hate each other so much. It's a question which is bound to be raised over and over again in the next nine months, but unlike before, we now have a comprehensive history to throw in the direction of any doubters.

I can't speak for everyone but I count our 3-1 victory over Brighton (their first ever competitive defeat at The Amex Stadium) and our 2-0 play-off semi-final triumph on the same pitch two years later, as two of the greatest nights of my football supporting life. Plenty of Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham fans may act as though it's not "authentic" but to those of us who follow Palace and Brighton, nothing else comes close.


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  • Graham August 3, 2017 - 8:54 am Reply

    I really can’t see why our rivalry is so hard to understand, even from a geographical point of view. We are Brighton’s closest club (4 miles closer than Portsmouth), the same distance as Manchester to Leeds. Obviously Palace have closer clubs, and historically our rivalry was with Millwall, but rivalries aren’t just geographic

    • admin August 3, 2017 - 3:17 pm Reply

      I would agree wholeheartedly, Graham. Chelsea and Liverpool despise each other, no one questions the ferocity of their hatred.

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