AUDIO: Patrick Kluivert Explains Why de Boer Will Be A Success At Palace

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Patrick Kluivert is a man with a reputation you can trust and when speaking to BBC radio yesterday, he was absolutely adamant that his former colleague Frank de Boer would be a success at Crystal Palace. 

This audio clip sees Kluivert chatting about the attributes which make him certain that de Boer will be a big hit at Selhurst Park. 

Having played alongside Frank for a number of years with both Ajax and the Dutch national team, Patrick is well placed to discuss the relative pros and cons of having de Boer in the Selhurst Park dugout and from what he had to say about his former teammate’s character, there will be no stone left unturned in the pursuit of victory during his time in SE25. 

Indeed, whilst the pair haven’t coached alongside one another much in recent years, Patrick’s son Justin has been a part of the famous Ajax youth academy, largely under the guidance of de Boer since 2007. Having been tipped to follow in the footsteps of his hugely famous father, Kluivert junior has no doubt spoken at length with his dad about the strengths and weaknesses of de Boer’s coaching style, giving Patrick another valuable insight into the new boss’ chances of making a mark in the Premier League in the 2017/18 season. 

After having outrageous levels of success when put in charge of the Ajax first-team, Frank followed it up with a disastorous short stint in charge of Inter Milan, leaving both his critics and friends unsure as to how his time with the Eagles is set to pan out. All of the talk around the Palace squad in the first few weeks of his tenure has been positive, with chatter about a high-energy, pressing style of play being implemented but until the competitive fixtures begin in mid-August, we will all be left guessing as to how he’ll get on in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of the Premier League. 

For now, Patrick Kluivert seems convinced that he’ll hit the ground running and at the risk of sounding like a star-struck fanboy, that’ll do for me. 


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