This Is The Best Piece You’ll Read On de Boer’s Record Breaking Spell At Ajax

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A lot has already been written about Crystal Palace’s new manager Frank de Boer but you will struggle to find anything better than the piece linked below. 

This feature on de Boer gives you a wonderful insight into his time with Ajax. It’s extremely well written and researched.

Whilst plenty of Frank’s critics are quick to jump on his difficult spell at Inter Milan in 2016, it’s probably far wiser to focus on the five and a half years the Dutchman spent in charge of his boyhood club; a stint that brought with it an unprecedented haul of four consecutive Eredivisie titles. 

To many on these shores, news of a few titles for Ajax may seem unremarkable given their storied past but the piece attached at the top of the page does a fantastic job of explaining why Frank’s work in Amsterdam was remarkable rather than run-of-the-mill. It’s a story which has its foundations rooted in an internal power struggle at the heart of the Ajax boardroom and is told wonderfully by Sachin Nakrani. 

As we all aware, there are never any guarantees of success in football, least of all in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of the Premier League but behind the scenes in SE25, there is a real desire to give de Boer the chance to build a lasting legacy and adapt our style of play from the counter-attacking comfort zone that has brought us this far.

Disaster always seems to be lurking around the next corner for Parish and his fellow directors but this time, having been given far longer to decide upon the direction in which they would like to take the club, there appears to be genuine hope of a preemptive shift in style rather than a reactive one. 

The “Velvet Revolution” Frank de Boer was a part of at Ajax in the later years of the noughties was a period of real excitement, spearheaded by one of the masters of the game in Johan Cruyff. You won’t read a better summary of its ins and outs than the one linked above, I promise you that. 


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