VIDEO: Italian Pundit Urges CPFC Fans To Relax About de Boer’s Failure At Inter

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Frank de Boer’s failed attempt to guide Inter Milan back to the summit of Italian football is a topic which divides opinion within the game but expert BBC Five Live pundit Mina Rzouki has urged Palace fans not to jump to any conclusions over his time there. 

This video clip sees Mina foresencially deconstructing de Boer’s stay at Inter. It’s a sparkling analysis of the situation. 

It’s always difficult for fans to get a real grasp of the unique difficulties faced by any manager in a league that is different to the one they watch week in, week out, making Frank de Boer’s seemingly disastorous stint in Italy a genuine worry for many Palace supporters after his announcement as the club’s new boss. Luckily for us and him, Rzouki was on hand to quell any fears when speaking live on the BBC about de Boer on Monday evening. 

Whilst she is quick to point out that Frank did make his fair share of mistakes at Inter (a fact he admitted himself in his opening press conference on Monday), she is also understandably sympathetic to the uphill challenge he faced in getting the club ready for a full Serie A season with next to no time for he and his players to grow together both tactically and emotionally. 

The Dutchman may have won plenty of silverware whilst in charge of his boyhood club Ajax but until now, the high-pressured three-month spell he endured at Inter has been a significant blot on his copy book. Thankfully, with the input of journalists like Rzouki, we are able to piece together a clear image of the reasons for Frank’s issues and head into this new adventure with excitement rather than trepidation over what lies ahead. 

Inter Milan have long been known as a basket-case of a club but as one with such a storied history, it pays to get a feel for the events which led up to our new manager’s early dismissal from his post. Having been a tad concerned about it a few days ago, I’m now sure that the same sort of problems won’t arise at Selhurst Park, thanks in no small part to Rzouki’s excellent analysis of de Boer’s time in Italy. 


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