This Is A Stunningly Detailed Analysis Of Frank de Boer’s Tactical Style

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Following the news that Frank de Boer looks all set to take over the manager’s role at Selhurst Park you’re probably wondering how he’s likely to approach things from a tactical perspective. Luckily, the feature attached below is a superb analysis of the Dutchman’s style. 

This piece breaks down Frank de Boer’s tactical approach to the game in fascinating detail. He’s a truly deep tactical thinker. 

Having only ever had one non-British manager before, (a certain Atillio Lombardo) Palace fans could be forgiven for being slightly insular when it comes to the differing tactical approaches of coaches across Europe but thanks to articles like the one attached above, we can all gain a far-reaching insight into how Palace are likely to set up from week to week, if indeed Frank de Boer signs on the dotted line in the coming days. 

Joining Ajax’s coaching staff as part of the “Velvet Revolution” of former players working alongside the legendary John Cruyff at the end of the noughties, de Boer’s approach to the game is pragmatic, with an obvious nod to the style of “Total Football” that was favoured by the man at the top of the Ajax totem pole. 

To try and summarise the work that has gone into the piece linked at the top of the page would be to do it a disservice on my part but trust me before you click on the link, it delves into far greater detail about his game than you would ever expect from an online blog. 

Whilst the work of managers like Warnock, Pulis and Allardyce has seen the club embrace true “British” football culture out of a necessity in recent seasons, the choice of de Boer is one that has rightly got large swathes of our fan-base licking their lips as they prepare to embark on previously unknown territory in the hope of building something lasting and worthwhile. 

Much has been said of the positive inpression de Boer made on the Palace owners when he was interviewed by them, with his “attention to detail” being referenced by more than one journalist in the hours that have followed since news broke of us offering him the job. As I’m sure you’ll agree, those sentiments, mixed with pieces such as the one linked above, do a great deal to whet the appetite for what a Frank de Boer Palace team may look like by the time August rolls around. 


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