This Analysis Of Palace’s Prolonged Managerial Search Is Superbly Written

10 Posted by - June 17, 2017 - Daily Thoughts, News

Crystal Palace’s search for a new manager appears, on the face of things at least, to be no closer to reaching its conclusion than it was a week ago but as the fantastic piece attached below explains, the club remain (just) on the right side of time. 

This feature on Palace’s prolonged search for a new boss is absolutely fantastic. I can’t recommend it to you highly enough. 

The stress emanating from the Eagles’ fan-base is certainly understandable in the circumstances. At the time of writing this, Steve Parish and co. have gone a full 25 days without appointing a successor to Sam Allardyce; a gap that, regardless of an uninterrupted summer break from the fixture list, feels a tad too long for things to be going swimmingly behind the scenes. 

The beauty of the piece attached at the top of the page is that, even though it’s been written by a man (Daniel Storey) who has absolutely no emotional connection to the club, it drills straight to the heart of the reason for Palace fans’ impatience this time around; for all the turbulence we’ve been through since 2010, this summer finally felt like a free run at establishing ourselves in the top flight for the long haul.

Storey’s analysis of Steve Parish’s approach to ownership is forensic whilst still conveying an understanding of the unique conundrums he’s been faced with during his seven years at the helm in SE25. The truth, although none of us are they comfortable admitting it, is that the club are in desperate need of a steadying hand in the dugout to go alongside the one in the boardroom; a puzzle that is far easier to theorise over than solve. 

From a personal point of view, I struggle to envisage a scenario in which we are having a similar discussion to this next week (just a hunch, I have no inside info) but if we are, the piece linked at the top of the page offers a supremely well written analysis of why this decision is one worth waiting for. 


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  • Geone June 18, 2017 - 12:31 am Reply

    It’s taking farr too long, I think we still need the new Manager to bed in with the players and what worries me most putting it very politely, we still need to get 5 or 6 players which could take just as long in doing and we haven’t even started yet.
    I hope we are not going to go down at this rate next Season.

    • admin June 19, 2017 - 8:36 am Reply

      I can understand your concern but talk of a potential relegation is probably a tad early. Hopefully we’ll have news soon.

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