This Analysis Of Palace’s Search For A New Manager Is Fantastic

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Crystal Palace’s search for a new manager is undoubtedly taking far longer than has usually been the case during Steve Parish’s seven-year stint as the club’s chairman but our fans should see that in a positive light rather than reaching for the panic button, as the piece attached below explains.

This feature is a superbly written analysis of Palace’s search for a new boss. It provides a chance for real change in SE25 and should be embraced.

To the uninformed outsider, Parish could easily be looked upon as a rather trigger-happy soul, thanks to a run of seven permanent managers in as many years but if anyone chooses to delve a little deeper into our recent past, it quickly becomes clear that we have in fact been rather unlucky on the managerial front since he first grabbed the reins.

A chronological guide to the club’s bosses under Parish reads as follows:

  • George Burley (sacked for sheer incompetence)
  • Dougie Freedman (left for the glamour of Bolton)
  • Ian Holloway (resigned when he realised he was out of his depth)
  • Tony Pulis (left the club under a cloud before being successfully sued by Parish)
  • Neil Warnock (openly admitted the Premier League was beyond him)
  • Alan Pardew (sacked after amassing the worst record of any club in the top four divisions in 2016)
  • Sam Allardyce (retired shortly after rebuilding his damaged reputation by saving us from the drop)

As you can see, the overall picture is far from one of self-imposed turbulence, (only three of the seven have been sacked, all with good reason) but with the recent departure of Big Sam, Parish and his fellow investors have been handed a rare opportunity for careful recruitment which they are thankfully taking.

Inevitably, a fair few voices across social media have been quick to grumble over the time we are taking in making the call but after a succession of appointments which had more than a whiff of urgent necessity about them, I can’t help but feel refreshed over this new, more methodical approach.

If you are one of those getting restless over the time we’re taking to find the new man give the piece attached at the top of the page a read. It’s almost certain to calm your nerves.


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