VIDEO: Palace Feature On BBC Two’s Eggheads In Excruciating Circumstances

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Yesterday evening, Crystal Palace FC featured on the BBC Two quiz show “Eggheads” in genuinely cringe-worthy circumstances with the clip itself attached below for your pleasure/pain.

This video is almost guaranteed to leave you squirming in your seat as you watch it. Try not to cringe too hard.

I’m sure the vast majority of you will have stumbled across “Eggheads” at some stage over the last few years. Hosted by Radio 2 DJ Jeremy Vine, it pits a group of ordinary people against a panel of “expert” quizzers in a battle of general knowledge in the hope of seeing the guests outdo their more learned counterparts over the course of 30 minutes. It’s a stereotypically easy early evening watch but yesterday, the inclusion of a piece of Crystal Palace trivia caused the contestants all manner of difficulties.

Now, I’m sure those of you who regularly visit this site will feel that the question asked by Vine is remarkably straightforward but clearly, for this particular group, football is far from a strong point. I could deconstruct the footage itself for you here but to do so would be to take away from the toe-curling response you’re sure to have when watching it for the first time and that’s the last thing anyone wants.

Whilst the video itself is brilliant, there’s another little hidden gem, courtesy of the commentary offered by Paul Edwardson who was filming the clip from the comfort of his own living room. Once again, I won’t ruin it for you by going into detail but rest assured, you’re certain to chime with his assessment of the situation as it unfolds.

Having found the video this morning whilst scrolling through my phone, I felt duty-bound to share it with all of you. There may not be any football on at the moment but there are still one or two laughs to be had.


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  • Richard C May 31, 2017 - 5:50 pm Reply

    I watched it myself, to be fair the lady did almost say that he was a Liverpool player, which would have been close. She certainly knew more about football than my missus😂

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