Pardew Annoys Palace, West Ham, Chelsea & Newcastle Fans In One Night

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Alan Pardew has a habit of getting people’s backs up, a talent he showcased wonderfully during his recent appearance on Monday Night Football.

This piece (with quotes) explains how Pards managed to annoy Palace, West Ham, Newcastle and Chelsea fans in one night. 

It’s easy to forget how dismissive Palace supporters were when Newcastle’s fan-base warned us about Pardew’s media persona back at the start of 2015. I for one will admit to feeling rather stupid close to two years later whilst joyously waving Alan goodbye, unsure of how long it would take me to recover from the tidal wave of contradictions spewed out into the atmosphere during the final throes of his stint in the dugout.

In truth, fans from any of Pardew’s former clubs could have predicted an evening of frustration as soon as they realised he’d been drafted in as Gary Neville’s one-off replacement, such is the man’s love for bending the truth.

Ridiculously, the different ways in which Pardew made social media fume are too numerous for me to list here, which is why I’ve linked you to a full summary of the evening in the red writing at the top of the page but just from a Palace perspective, you can look forward to digs at Zaha & Hennessey, both of which were made with a completely straight face. Make no mistake, “Super Al” is a man who will never find fault in his own actions, he’s just too darn confident.

I suppose no one should be surprised by Pardew’s self-congratulatory musings in front of the nation, after all, the man voluntarily chose to describe he and former chairman Steve Parish as Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in Heat during a recent interview with The Times. That being said, it takes some effort to annoy so many different sets of fans in one evening thanks to comments on so many different topics.

There is almost no doubt that Alan will find himself back in the managerial bubble by the time the 2017/18 season gets underway. I really do pity the next set of supporters who’ll be forced to put up with ramblings.


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