VIDEO: If This Doesn’t Get You Up For Today’s Game, Nothing Will

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Today’s game against Watford is a huge one for Crystal Palace in their battle against the drop. With that in mind, I would like to direct your attention to the video attached below, which is guaranteed to get your juices flowing. 

This video charts every important goal and victory since administration back in 2010. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece of work. 

Whilst I’m tired of people using the “look how far we’ve come since administration” excuse whenever things take a turn for the worse, the above video does a sterling job of putting it all into context by providing a subtle reminder of the numerous amazing moments we’ve experienced over the last seven years. 

With amateur video editors seemingly ten a penny these days, it’s also worth mentioning how beautifully crafted the above montage is. It’s not my area of expertise in the slightest but one can only wonder how many hours it must have taken the creator to piece it all together from start to finish. He’s an extremely talented bloke, that’s for sure. 

Having paid close attention to the goals featured in the video, I would suggest you’ll do well to think of a pivotal strike since 2010 which isn’t included somewhere. As someone who has written about the club on a daily basis throughout the period covered, I saw plenty of goals pop up that I had all but forgotten about.

I don’t think anyone reading this will need me to explain to them how big today’s home game against Watford is for the rest of our season. Taking that into account, I can think of nothing better than the aforementioned video to get you in the mood for a big day in SE25. 

The fans are making a concerted effort to fill the ground from 2:30 rather than 3pm, just as they did against Middlesbrough. Hopefully, we’ll have a couple more joyous memories to tack onto the end of the video by the time the game draws to a close later on. 


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