VIDEO: Big Sam Discusses His Plans For Crystal Palace’s Long-Term Future

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Having had a few months to get his feet under the table, Sam Allardyce was the subject of a Q&A with Palace TV’s Chris Grierson earlier this week, answering questions from the club’s members on all manner of subjects.

This video interview sees Big Sam delving into impressive detail over his plans for the club’s long-term future.

As you would expect, the above interview touches on both serious and light-hearted subjects in equal measure, with Chris quizzing the gaffer over the best tactical approach when attempting to take points from the Premier League’s top six before quickly switching the conversation to the different names used for a bread roll depending on your upbringing.

Whilst his insights over the identity of his favourite signing as a manager and his favourite former Palace player are genuinely interesting, I found myself marveling at the detail he decided to go into over his love for Disney World when asked about his preferred holiday destination. At first, I assumed it was going to be nothing more than a throwaway answer from the former England supremo but it kept on expanding. Some people will no doubt see it as a pointless segment but I’m always pleased to see a human side to our managers in their unguarded moments, particularly when it relates to the joys of riding on “Space Mountain”.

It is probably Sam’s answer to the final question of the interview that will be of most interest to our fan-base as a whole though. When pressed for his observations on Crystal Palace FC prior to taking the job, he begins by expressing his admiration for our achievements following on from promotion, before laying out a carefully worded blueprint of his aims and ambitions, should we manage to survive the threat of relegation in May.

After the rapid fall from grace he suffered when put in charge of the national team, Allardyce is a man with a reputation to rebuild, and in Crystal Palace, he has been offered a willing vehicle with which to do so. Whilst Tony Pulis’ spell with us ended on an extremely sour note, it’s worth remembering how desperate we all were for him to stay on in the days immediately before he ran off into the sunset.

This club is desperate for a manager to pick it up and build a lasting legacy, hopefully, the man with an undying love for Disney World is just getting started.


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