The Most Compelling Case I’ve Read For Tottenham Not To Sign Wilfried Zaha

3 Posted by - March 10, 2017 - Daily Thoughts, News

With Wilfried Zaha being heavily linked to Tottenham Hotspur in the press once again this week, it is with great pleasure that I direct you to the piece attached below, explaining why the move is a bad idea for Spurs. 

This article offers a fantastic argument as to why the transfer would be a terrible one for Spurs. I can’t disagree.

Ask any Crystal Palace fan worth their salt and they’re likely to tell you of their annoyance at the lazy stereotyping the press indulge in when Wilfried Zaha’s name comes up for discussion.

Tall tales from his short-lived spell on the books of Manchester United have stuck to the winger like heavy duty glue in the years that have followed, leaving me pleasantly surprised to discover that the feature attached above makes the case for Spurs steering clear of Wilf for footballing reasons alone. 

The deep-rooted love Palace fans have for the academy graduate ensures that a spark of horror appears on most faces when serious talk of him leaving SE25 appears, particularly when it comes in the guise of Mauricio Pochettino’s upwardly mobile North London outfit. We are all well aware that transfer gossip is part and parcel of the game but when it comes to Wilf, it just feels a great deal more personal. 

That being said, the above feature does a stellar job of explaining why a move to Spurs would make little to no sense for any of the parties involved, picking apart Tottenham’s tactical set-up under their Argentine gaffer and building a compelling case for them swerving Wilfried in the process. It’s not one constructed with malice or ill-advised digs about a “lack of end product” and for that it should be roundly applauded by both sets of supporters. 

Let’s just hope the decision makers behind the scenes at White Hart Lane are on the same page as the author of the article attached above. It would save everyone a lot of grief in the long run.


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