Make No Mistake, Steve Parish Loves This Club As Much As Any Of Us

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Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has spoken exclusively and at length to the Croydon Advertiser about the club’s precarious Premier League status, pleading with supporters to give their full backing to the players ahead of a must-win game tomorrow. 

This interview with Parish is a real call to arms for our fans. He sees tomorrow’s game as huge for our survival chances.

There will always be a few who look towards Steve Parish’s words in the press as noting more than carefully crafted spin; it’s a perception he can do very little to dispel given the field in which he made his fortune. That said, his decision to read the riot act to the players in the immediate aftermath of our 4-0 drubbing by Sunderland should be held up as a sign that at his core, Parish is simply a man who cares deeply about the successes and failures of Crystal Palace FC. 

When he speaks glowingly about the support we have, he’s not blindly quoting from the same hymn sheet that new signings do when giving their first interview to the club’s TV channel, he’s doing so because he has seen first hand the difference we can make as a collective entity on numerous occasions during his seven years at the helm. 

Whilst some may find his words a tad soppy, I for one won’t blame him for attempting to galvanise our supporters in the build-up to an unmistakably massive game for the football club. A fair few are always quick to point out that he only ever pops his head above the parapet when we win a game but here, he’s doing something different in attempting to place supporters in a positive frame of mind ahead of a very important 90 minutes and I applaud him for that. 

There should also be an element of comfort taken from his assurances regarding next season, should the worst possible outcome occur at the end of this campaign. It’s been a conversation many have noticeably shied away from but to his credit, Parish addresses the possibility of relegation directly in the above interview, calming the nerves of anyone who was expecting financial hell to break loose from the moment we are consigned to the drop. 

All in all, the interview with Steve makes for an intriguing and admirable read. There are many different facets to his personality but on a base level, Parish remains a man who is deeply in love with our football club.


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