VIDEO: Palace Legend Clinton Morrison Picks His Best XI Teammates

0 Posted by - February 18, 2017 - News, Video

Crystal Palace legend Clinton Morrison was a guest on Sky Sports’ Fantasy Football Show on Friday night, where he jotted down the best XI he’d had the chance to play with, including a couple of Eagles. 

This video sees Clinton giving his reasons for all eleven of the players he picked. He’s as entertaining as you’d expect.

In truth, the former Palace striker takes to live TV appearances like a duck to water, happily chatting away in his own exciteable style for as long as the presenters will let him, making the above segment an informative and thoroughly enjoyable watch from start to finish. 

He may well have appeared to be a grumpy player on the pitch from time to time, regularly throwing his arms up in the air in disgust when moves broke down in the final third but the media career that has followed his retirement has highlighted his deep-rooted and almost childlike love for the game. 

Whilst plenty of guests on The Fantasy Football Show struggle to engage the viewer when taking them through their personal “best XI” Clinton’s enthusiasm and insight into each player selected would make it well worth watching, regardless of Palace’s involvement in his deliberations. 

I had my own idea of who Morrison would put into his ultimate XI from his Palace days but was left a tad surprised by one or two of his choices. I dare say you’ll feel the same way if you try and predict who he’s likely to pick before seeing him fill in the teamsheet. 


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