GALLERY: Clattenburg’s Worst Moments As A Ref – Palace Feature Heavily

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To celebrate Mark Clattenburg’s departure for Saudi Arabia, the Evening Standard have complied a list of the referee’s most controversial moments; as you would expect, Crystal Palace feature heavily. 

This piece collates all of Clattenburg’s worst moments as a referee. The hatred I have for that man will never die. 

Upon his decision to leave the Premier League for the prestige (money) of Saudi Arabia, I took the liberty of collating Crystal Palace’s record when being referreed by Mark in the top flight; unsurprisingly, it made for extremely grim reading. 

Since 2004, Clattenburg has taken charge of 15 Palace matches in total, a run which has brought eight defeats, seven draws and no victories whatsoever. Now, I’m not saying he’s the sole reason for our poor form but it does make you begin to wonder if our supporters’ universal distrust of “Clatts” was in fact justified after all. 

For all the talk of him being on Manchester United’s payroll, (plenty of Twitter accounts have run wild with that over the last couple of days) Clattenburg was a man who was despised by a great number of fans for a multitude of different reasons. The tag of a “celebrity referee” came into being because of his existence, such is the bloated nature of his ego. 

It’s a well worn mantra but the best referees are neither seen or heard from during a match, allowing it to flow freely without unnecessary interruption. Sadly for English football, this has never been a theory Mr Clattenburg has subscribed to, preferring to take the limelight away from the game’s superstars whenever the opportunity presented itself. 

The feature attached above won’t make up for the anger he’s caused our fans over the years but it’s still nice to see his incompetence recognised without bias in the national press. As the song goes, “Oh Mark Clattenburg, it’s all about you!” 


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