Arsenal’s Carl Jenkinson Insists He Isn’t Motivated By Money (He Is Really)

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Arsenal’s Carl Jenkinson is extremely angry with the press for suggesting he’s motivated by money, provoking him to give a mind-bendingly contradictory interview to The Mirror’s John Cross. 

This interview with Jenkinson sees the Arsenal defender tie himself up in huge knots over his financial demands.

Undoubtedly looked upon by both Jenkinson and Arsenal columnist Cross as the ideal way to “set the record straight”, the above interview sees the former Charlton man voluntarily backing himself into a corner over the financial demands he made of the Eagles throughout January.

I find it hard to believe that neither the player nor Cross himself read the interview back without detecting the glaring contradictions lurking within the main body of the piece but I’m certainly not complaining. The end product is a tell-all “exclusive” that paints Jenkinson as someone who can’t bare to imagine life as a 25-year-old on a five-figure weekly sum; a statement that is so blindingly out of touch with normal life in 2017 that it’s hard to believe the words even left his mouth. 

Having made just one Premier League appearance for the Gunners this season, you would think the defender’s feet would be itching uncontrollably but in between protestations about being desperate to play, Carl happily admits to being happy to bide his time out of Arsene Wenger’s first-team plans. It’s almost as if he’s being intentionally contradictory by the end of the piece, just for the craic. 

Whilst never being completely sold on the idea of bringing Jenkinson to SE25 in the first place, I did feel that his presence would add depth to a back line in desperate need of reinforcement. It is therefore only right that I now thank Cross for conducting and publishing the above interview, if only for the fact that it has shone a light on Carl Jenkinson’s love of a pound note alongside a startling lack of self-awareness. 

You’re conducting a public service, John. 

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  • Jose Fonte baby? Jose Fonte? Oh oh oh February 10, 2017 - 9:20 am Reply

    So the him clearing his name and getting his point out there is actually, “i didn’t turn down the money because of money but i wasn’t prepared to take a paycut if we got relegated.’

    If he wasn’t prepared to take a pay-cut for relegation then he must really overestimate his ability. His comments suggest he would have been happy to join us, play badly, get relegated and play in the Championship, so long as his pay remained the same.

    He is a Championship player who has stumbled into Arsenal via a lucky break at Charlton and Finland U21s. All he does is social media links for Arsenal Website, pretty sure Chris Grierson doesn’t earn 50k a week and he is actually good at that job! Thank god we avoided him.

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