“Is It Normal To Lay In Bed Thinking About Palace?” Fan Seeks Advice Online

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Tuesday night’s 2-0 win over Bournemouth felt like a momentous occasion for everyone associated with Crystal Palace FC; a fact demonstrated perfectly by the joy-filled passage attached in the link below.

This message board entry from a delirious Palace fan beautifully sums up the emotions we all felt on Tuesday night.

Originally posted on the BBS, one of Crystal Palace FC’s two biggest online message boards, the above post is humourous and heartwarming in equal measure; portraying the unexpected high so many of us went through after the victory in a way only supporters of our club would fully understand.

Having seen it appear on Twitter earlier today with the opening line “Is it normal to lay in bed cuddling your Mrs but not being able to stop thinking about Palace?” I couldn’t help but read on and thankfully, the main body of the message did not disappoint. Ok, so the man in question may prompt a few people to suggest he needs to realign his priorities in life but equally, there have been plenty who have openly admitted to feeling similar in the hours after our midweek triumph, myself included.

In theory, having such a deep-rooted obsession with a football club is a flawed and unashamedly strange concept but for those of us who are embroiled in it, ramblings such as the one referenced above tap into a part of our mind which squares away the lack of logic by embracing the emotional chaos that comes as a reward for caring so deeply about a group of highly paid blokes running around on a patch of grass.

The players and scenarios discussed may be specific to us but in many ways, the sentiments expressed within the relatively short piece are interchangeable for football fans across the country. There are millions of us who will openly admit to caring far too much about our football club. It may not be normal but it’s certainly understandable.


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