VIDEO: Footage Of Two Blatant Penalties Palace Were Denied Against Swansea

3 Posted by - January 4, 2017 - News, Video

Despite suffering a miserable defeat under the floodlights at Selhurst Park on Tuesday night, Crystal Palace were denied two stonewall penalties.

This video shows Benteke being clearly taken out by Fabianski when through on goal. A disgraceful refereeing decision. 

Whilst no Eagles supporter would claim that we deserved anything from the game, the obvious nature of both penalty shouts does add salt to the wound somewhat. Of course we weren’t good enough on the night but in the midst of such a wretched run of form, it feels inevitable that decisions such as this will continue to go against us. 

Understandably, they were a topic of conversation for Sam Allardyce in his post-match press conference but wisely, he chose not to make too big a deal out of either call given the rather pathetic nature of the team’s play for vast swathes of the 90 minutes being discussed. Whilst he had every right to be peeved, he’s been in the game long enough to know that comments which focus solely on refereeing errors never go down well following such a limp display. 

Waking up this morning it’s difficult to know where we go between now and May. Obviously there is now a small break for the first-team with an FA Cup tie away at Bolton the next challenge to navigate but for anyone in attendance last night, it became painfully obvious that our problems are far more deep rooted than many had previously feared. 

Obviously, Big Sam will get to work on the defence properly over the next week or so but after surrendering yet another home point in the dying stages, you can’t blame our supporters for worrying openly about our Premier League status moving forward. 

Yes, both the above penalty claim and the one linked just below were blatant but in truth their successful conversion would have papered over some very large cracks. We’ve got a lot of work to do. 

This clip shows the second clear penalty.

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  • Richard C January 4, 2017 - 7:57 am Reply

    Yes, both definite penalties, but as you say a very poor performance all round. Maybe it’s time to get a couple of the youngsters in the side, Surely they can do no worse?

    • admin January 4, 2017 - 7:58 am Reply

      I’d play Sullay in Wilf’s absence. 100%.

  • Sharpy January 4, 2017 - 9:06 am Reply

    Last night was the worst atmosphere I’ve ever known at selhurst, I sit near the dugout and the abuse Allardyce was getting from our fans was inexcusable ! Wilf also took a lot of stick and at one point turned and put his fingers to his lips to say shut up which just made the idiots around me worse ! It was a dog awful performance from a team at its lowest but we will make it worse if we get on the players backs to the extent we did last night. Liverpool and arsenal both had bad results after a single days break between games which is all we had and does make a difference. I can’t see anything but relegation at the moment and if they try that stupid flood light flashing stunt again the club will have lost the plot completely !!!!

  • FreddieZZ January 4, 2017 - 10:12 am Reply

    At the game I thought it was a definite penalty but on replay I can see why it wasn’t given. Benteke had dropped softly a couple of times before the call – doubt in referee’s mind, he was obscured from the ref and the near side by Swansea players, he had lost control of the ball and is there contact? The video is inconclusive and in re-viewing it looks like he hurdled ad decided to drop she he could see he’d lost control of the ball. I doubt we’d have complain much on the night but would have thought it hash on seeing it again.
    The second, I thought Rangel’s hand hands came forward in reaction to being pushed in the chest, he was pushed to the ground by a forearm to the chest – foul to Swansea but the ball was cleared and play on. But, in his interview he appeared quite sheepish and probably did get away with it. Had it been given I think only the player would have complained.
    Zaha’s goal was exquisit.
    While I doubt any Swansea fan has anything against Palace (most of us would see both teams as small clubs punching above their weight and just what the Premier League needs) the sight of Sam fuming against us is a thing of joy.

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