Parish Talks To L’Equipe About The Renovation & Renaming Of Selhurst Park

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Steve Parish has spoken to French newspaper L’Equipe about the future development of Selhurst Park, with plans in motion for its renovation. 

This feature sees Parish speak about the renaming of the stadium and his plans for the Main Stand in the coming years.

The owners of Crystal Palace FC have been trying for decades to finalise plans for the renovation of Selhurst, particularly in relation to the often discussed Main Stand but with planning permission so hard to come by given the ground’s urban location, it feels as though successive regimes have been left spinning their wheels with each year that goes by. 

With the Holmesdale Road end having been converted from a terrace into a two-tier all-seater structure relativively recently, you would assume that the Arthur Wait and Whitehorse Lane stands would be next on Parish’s list of building jobs but for now, it’s clear that the creaking Main Stand, where he and his fellow directors entertain the great and the good from across the game, is in need of urgent attention. 

Steve’s quotes regarding the potential renaming of Selhurst Park for commercial purposes are certainly likely to raise an eyebrow or two amongst our fan-base, with any deal regardless of the possible financial incentive on offer, likely to go down extremely badly with the Eagles’ faithful. 

Although the vast majority of our supporters are quick to accept the need for structural changes to be made to our much-loved home, the general feel of the place remains a highly important factor for many, leading to widespread and understandable resistance to the idea of ushering in a new corporate theme across the stadium. 

For me, the disdain a great number of away fans have for Selhurst Park acts as a unique selling point for our club. It’s not friendly, sanitised and boring, it occupies its own place in the English game and thrives because of that characterisation. 

Whilst the above quotes from Steve Parish are of course exciting, they are likely to be met with a hint of caution by many. 

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