Pardew Opens Up Over His Personal “Hurt” At Palace’s 2016 Form

2 Posted by - December 19, 2016 - Daily Thoughts, News

Alan Pardew has admitted to the press that he has been left badly hurt by Crystal Palace’s dismal form in 2016, having had such high hopes for his players at the turn of the year.

This feature sees Pardew open up about the emotional turmoil that has coincided with the Eagles’ shambolic 2016.

Whilst I and plenty of others have been quick to criticise the Palace gaffer for the tactical choices he’s made in recent weeks and months, the above interview sees him adopting a far more humble and measured approach than many have been used to seeing from him since he first took the reins in SE25 at the start of 2015.

Clearly, despite his well-known sense of startling self-confidence, a run of form which has seen us pick up just four points from a possible 30 has taken its toll on his usually thick skin, forcing him to admit publicly that things need to change quickly for the pressure currently on his shoulders to subside.

A fair few will probably write off Pardew’s comments in the above feature as nothing more than a calculated attempt to keep the wolves from his door for a few weeks more but as someone who watches and reads almost everything he says about the club in an official capacity, I have to be honest and say that I think he’s being sincere when suggesting that the Palace job means a tad more to him than his previous managerial roles across the country.

Although sentiment should never be welcomed into the decision making processes of any professional sporting organisation, almost everyone attached to the club would agree that Pardew has been given longer to fix things than many who have come before him, purely because of his prior association with the red and blue corner of South London.

Now, it seems as though even he is aware of the need for a dramatic upturn in the team’s fortunes; a mental shift which should come as music to ears of Palace fans who have suggested for months that the gaffer has his head firmly planted in the sand.

Hopefully, this will provoke a changing of the tide.

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  • Ben December 19, 2016 - 9:58 am Reply

    I totally agree with your sentiments here HLTCO. I’ve being saying this for a few weeks that I don’t think we’ll find anyone one else with the same passion for the club as AP. Like everyone else I’m getting nervous at our league position at the moment. I also agree with what he’s said in this piece. There’s no disgrace in losing to This chelsea team by one goal particularly how the team played. They will be disappointed that they got nothing from the game as from what I saw of it the deserved a point. I think that SP will have no choice in early January if things don’t improve on the point front. I think that the relationship between the two has helped AP keep his position but also that SP understands the game and can see that we aren’t playing badly.

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