Manchester City Show A Real Touch Of Class Over Croydon Tram Tragedy

1 Posted by - November 18, 2016 - News

Manchester City have shown a real touch of class ahead of this Saturday’s clash with Crystal Palace, recognising the victims of last week’s tragic Croydon tram accident in the perfect manner. 

This statement from Manchester City is rightly being applauded from fans across the game. It’s a wonderful gesture. 

All too often supporters are left feeling a tad disconnected from the clubs at the top of English football’s totem pole, making this latest move from Manchester City all the more commendable. It’s easy for uniformed neutrals to assume that their foreign ownership model and gigantic transfer budget has altered their approach to fan engagement but if anything, they have shown a desire to improve their relationship with the everyday fan in recent seasons. 

Whilst the Croydon tram accident shocked the whole country when news first broke, there was no direct expectation placed on Manchester City to mark the event specifically ahead of Saturday’s game, with their actions since proving that the people working behind the scenes at The Etihad Stadium are impressively aware of the role they occupy in both the local and national community. 

After getting the go-ahead to hold a minute’s silence prior to kick-off at Selhurst Park tomorrow afternoon, I have no doubt that the City fans in attendance will observe it perfectly, an assumption backed up by the universal outpouring of sadness from across the country over the last week or so. 

The fact that two Palace fans, Dane Chinnery and Phillip Seary passed away as a result of the crash has only served to crystallise the tragedy in the minds of football fans, leading to what will undoubtedly be a profoundly emotional afternoon for those inside Selhurst Park at 3 o’clock tomorrow. 

At a time when numerous media outlets appear to have the knives out for the Premier League’s “mega-rich” clubs and players, this sort of good news story deserves an equally ubiquitous level of coverage throughout the nation’s press. 

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