Palace’s US TV Viewing Figures Are Above Arsenal, Spurs & A Host Of Others

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The arrival of Crystal Palace’s new American owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer has clearly had an impact on the club’s popularity across the Atlantic, with interest in our games skyrocketing in the USA. 

This feature lists the 10 most-watched games of the Premier League season to date, with Palace appearing twice. 

Thanks to the deal struck between the Premier League and American network NBC, stateside viewers have been able to watch each and every one of the top flight’s games live and direct in their homes for the last few years, a luxury which has seen the popularity of the division grow to previously unseen levels within their already crowded sporting market. 

Whilst the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool retain the most devoted audiences across the planet, Palace’s growth will be looked upon as a fantastic boost to the club’s “global” status by those behind the scenes at Selhurst Park; with efforts no doubt already being made to further capitalise on our apparent popularity with US viewers. 

Indeed, Palace are the only team outside of the relative “superpowers” of the English game to appear twice inside the top 10 most viewed matches, with the higher of the Eagles’ two entries coming in above Arsenal V Chelsea, Manchester United v Manchester City and Arsenal V Liverpool respectively; not bad for a much-maligned club situated in an unfashionable corner of South London. 

NBC’s decision to air a four-part documentary series about life behind the scenes at Selhurst Park no doubt provided a spike in interest amongst American viewers keen to attach themselves to an English club for the first time but it’s good to see that a potential boom of interest hasn’t dropped off in the months that have followed, particularly when you take Palace’s wretched form throughout 2016 into account. 

Clearly, we’re sort of a big deal in the USA. Who’d have thought it?

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    Who were Palace playing you f*&%$(* idiot, because it’s the other teams people where wanting to watch and
    you made sure not to include that information with you schoolboy piece!!!!!!!

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