VIDEO: Pardew Slams The FA For Giving Andre Marriner The Liverpool Game

2 Posted by - October 30, 2016 - News, Video

Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew questioned the FA’s decision to put Andre Marriner in charge of yesterday’s clash with Liverpool when speaking on TV after the game. 

This video sees Pardew openly criticising Mike Riley for putting Marriner in charge of yesterday’s game. It’s a bold move. 

Admittedly, passions will have been running high for the Eagles gaffer immediately after the match, given the controversy created by Marriner when waving away two penalty claims for Palace with the score finely balanced at 3-2. That being said, you’d almost certainly expect some form of punishment to come Pardew’s way within the next few days. 

Whilst no one should be willing to paper over the defensive issues we are currently experiencing, it’s fair on an emotional level at least to empathise with Pardew’s frustration in the moments following the final whistle. Indeed, Andre Marriner’s unique history with this exact fixture, (referenced by Pardew in the video above) was clearly in the minds of the players and the coaching staff heading into the tie. A fact that you could praise or deride depending on your personal preference. 

No sane Palace fan will have been expecting three points from yesterday’s fixture but following three consecutive defeats, it’s only natural for supporters to get a little fidgety in their chairs, especially when you consider the difficulty of the home fixtures that lie in wait. 

With that in mind, next Saturday’s trip to Burnley takes on a huge amount of importance, both practically and symbolically. Whilst it doesn’t come close to falling within the stereotypical “must win” category, there is a need for a marked defensive improvement throughout, ideally resulting in a clean sheet and a hard fought victory. 

We shall see. 

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