Puncheon’s Explosive Warnock Allegations Are Back In The Public Eye

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Allegations made about former Crystal Palace boss Neil Warnock by current Eagles midfielder Jason Puncheon have made their way back into the public spotlight this week after being referenced by a committee of MPs in relation to possible corruption in football.

This link Puncheon’s allegations about Warnock from 2014, whilst also explaining the reasons for their reemergence.

Given the time that has passed since Puncheon made the aforementioned allegations about Warnock, it’s easy to forget the circumstances that led to the playmaker’s eye-opening decision to “out” his old manager in such dramatic fashion.

Having stepped up to take a crucial penalty away at Tottenham Hotspur, the former Southampton man sent his spot-kick flying into orbit above the hosts’ goal, provoking howls of derision across the game for days after. Warnock, (who was then a regularly appearing pundit on TalkSPORT) was questioned as to how he had managed to make such a spectacular mess with just the keeper to beat; what followed instantly got under Puncheon’s skin.

Despite later claiming to have had his words taken out of context, Warnock proceeded to audibly question whether or not Jason had the right “mentality” to take a penalty in such high-pressure circumstances, a choice of words which evidently sent an emotionally drained Puncheon over the edge of a figurative cliff.

The allegations Jason subsequently made via social media were later deleted and apologised for publicly with a predictably awkward photo opportunity involving the pair thrown into the bargain.

Unfortunately for the newly announced Cardiff City boss, The Telegraph’s recent attempts to shine a light on the corruption which exists within the game have provoked the committee of MPs referenced in the above article to revisit the comments made by the Palace man, despite the fact that two years have passed since the whole ordeal began.

I dare say we haven’t heard the last of this.

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