This Is Possibly The Worst Palace-Themed Opinion Piece You’ll Ever Read

0 Posted by - October 10, 2016 - Daily Thoughts, News

One of the daily tasks required to run a club-based football blog is to spend an hour or so a day scouring the internet for Palace-themed articles; a pursuit which has led me to unearth an absolute horror-show of an article, attached below for your pleasure.

With “writers” like this on their team, you have to wonder how “The Transfer Tavern” have gained over 18,000 followers on Twitter.

On some level I understand the quandary sites such as the above one find themselves in; they’re scrambling to cover all aspects of a game that’s constantly moving, but by that same token, they should realise that it only takes one or two ill-informed comments to shred any sense of credibility in the eyes of those who are reading.

The title of the piece itself, “Pardew Must Drop These 2 Players In Every Game From Now On” is a curious one, particularly when you consider that it’s been published following a run of five unbeaten Premier League games, but the author of the piece, a certain Hayden Atkins, deserves credit for making things worse when revealing the identity of the players who “must” be thrown out of the Eagles’ starting XI.

Now, I would never call myself an “expert” but I am pretty confident in stating that any feature which throws cult-hero James McArthur headfirst underneath an oncoming bus hasn’t been written by someone who understands the lay of the land in SE25; an assumption which is then given further weight by his decision to champion a woefully out of form Yohan Cabaye as Jimmy’s obvious replacement.

The entire feature smacks of a man desperately fumbling for a point that will miraculously cut to the heart of what “real fans” want, as you can tell from the painfully out of touch line, “Fans in the pub? They want Yohan, not McArthur…”. Not only is this outlandish claim completely wrong, it comes from a man whose own username on Twitter is “BrummieHayden”, leading to worthwhile questions being raised over how many South London pubs he’s visited in the last year or so.

Part of me feels bad for giving “The Transfer Tavern” any added web traffic following such dreadful opinions being put forward, but in this particular instance, their startling lack of knowledge felt like a topic worth sharing with you.

All publicity is good publicity after all…

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  • Richard C October 10, 2016 - 9:49 am Reply

    Not a clue about the Palace team, how they are trying to play or how injuries have impacted selection. Appalling in all respects. Original pieces giving insight into all things Palace is what I want to read.

  • Jose Fonte Baby! Jose Fonte, Oh, Oh, Oh October 10, 2016 - 1:25 pm Reply

    If you substitute ‘fans in the pub’ for ‘Francophiles in the wine bar’ then this article begins to make sense. Seriously the only possible evidence to base this assumption on is FIFA rating. Its the only place where Cabeye’s stats are better than Jimmy’s

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