Parish Discusses Plans To Redevelop Selhurst – Reveals Proposed New Capacity

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Steve Parish made a prolonged appearance on TalkSPORT earlier this week, speaking about a number of topics, including he and the board’s plans to renovate Selhurst Park. 

These quotes see Parish reveal the proposed new capacity at Selhurst, as well as the method in which it would be built. 

Talks over a redesign of Palace’s South London home have taken place regularly since Steve and the other three members of CPFC2010 took control of the club six years ago, but it is only now, with the added financial muscle of Josh Harris and David Blitzer behind the scenes, that we appear to be edging closer towards turning the speculation over a dramatic renovation into a reality. 

Whilst both the Holmesdale Road and Whitehorse Lane stands remain relatively new by construction standards, both the Main Stand and the Arthur Wait have been in desperate need of far more than a lick of paint for decades; with Parish having spoken publicly about his desire to leave a lasting “legacy” through their re-build on numerous occasions. 

Tentative plans to relocate the club to Crystal Palace Park inside an entirely new arena were shelved some years ago after being met with little to no approval from the local council, prompting the owners to look fully into the potential for a gradual and carefully planned operation to bring Selhurst Park stylishly into the 21st century. 

For all of the derisory comments aimed at the stadium by fans of rival clubs, the vast majority of Palace supporters have a deep-rooted love for Selhurst in its current guise, leaving Parish with the unenviable task of rebuilding at least two sides of the stadium whilst also maintaining the traditional feel that so many associate with the place. It’s something he addresses fully in his comments above, no doubt fully aware that he’s almost certainly not going to be able to please everyone with what he’s proposing. 

We will hopefully see full plans from the club within the next week or so, but for now, Steve’s comments offer us genuine hope yet of seeing some concrete plans for the stadium’s redevelopment.


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