VIDEO: Everton-Bound Yannick Bolasie’s Top Three Moments At Palace

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All signs seem to be pointing towards Yannick Bolasie leaving Crystal Palace for Everton in the coming days; news which prompted us to compile a list of Bolasie’s most outrageous moments of skill in red and blue.

This feature sees us showcase the top three Yannick Bolasie moments at Palace. He’s pulled off some ridiculous things in SE25. 

The three “moments” shown above had to be whittled down from a selection of at least 10; proving that, for all of his wayward crosses and sky-high efforts at goal, Yannick is capable of miraculous things when the stars align in his favour.

Everton won’t be getting themselves a consistently impressive performer, but in breaking their current transfer record to sign the DR Congo international, they can be sure of watching a player who is able to get even the most bitter and twisted of football fans off their seat at the drop of a hat.

Bolasie’s game encourages you to expect the unexpected at any given moment, forcing supporters to quickly realise that, whilst his flicks and tricks may lead him up blind alleys nine times out of ten, his game is one worth persevering with if you want to be entertained from week to week.

There have been plenty of Eagles fans, myself included, who have raised questions in the past over whether or not Bolasie could make a success of himself at a traditionally “bigger” club than Palace, where an emphasis is placed far more heavily on productivity and players aren’t forgiven quite so readily for persistent mistakes and missteps. Under Ronald Koeman at Goodison Park, I guess we’ll soon have our answer, and I for one am looking forward to finding out.

I’m sure you have your own personal highlights of Yannick’s four-year stint in SE25, but from a personal perspective, there was no way of knocking any of the three final entries off the list.

Number three arrived as part of an assist which played a crucial part in a massive win for Palace over one of English football’s self-proclaimed super-powers; two summed up the sheer arrogance of Yala’s creativity with a ball at his feet regardless of the opposition and one will always be remembered as one of moments that defined the 2013/14 promotion winning season, coming against the club’s most bitter rivals Brighton & Hove Albion.

Which is your favourite?

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