VIDEO: Man City Fans Sing Cringeworthy Version Of Palace’s “Glad All Over”

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Football songs are part and parcel of the English game, but a group of Manchester City supporters have embarrassed themselves by trying to adapt a Crystal Palace classic to suit their needs.

This painfully cringeworthy adaptation of “Glad All Over” by Manchester City’s deserves all the criticism that comes its way.

Whether it be this summer’s Europe-wide obsession with the “Thunder Clap” showcased by Iceland supporters at Euro 2016, or the constant renditions of “Will Grigg’s on fire” over the last few months, football songs are ubiquitous in British footballing culture, but this adaptation from Manchester City’s supporters is a step too far to be tolerated.

We have no doubt that fans in the North West are excited by the arrival of Pep Guardiola in the City dugout, but in the hysteria that has greeted the first few weeks of his reign, they appear to have lost their heads, culminating in a god-awful bastardisation of Glad All Over, sung in front of a camera via the link above for your simultaneous amusement and disgust.

As supporters who have been defined by the song for decades, we can only hope that this doesn’t catch on in the months to come at The Etihad, although on first viewing, it seems highly unlikely, given the desperately poor attempt to crowbar the word “Guardiola” into the chorus. Indeed, the initial online response to the video is comfortingly dismissive, slating the admittedly small group for their efforts.

We’ll admit, discussions over such things will be looked upon as futile once the cut and thrust of Premier League football returns this Saturday, but for now, with pre-season football still at the forefront of people’s minds, gripes over awfully worded football songs hold an unrealistically high level of importance in our collective thoughts.

Prepare yourself fully and give it a watch; I’d put a sizeable chunk of money on you not being able to get through the whole thing without wincing at your screen.

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