Jurgen Klopp Pulls No Punches In Assessment Of Palace’s Transfer Strategy

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has warned Palace that they will not be given Christian Benteke “as a present” following further speculation about the Belgian striker’s future. 

These bullish comments from Klopp suggest he’s in no hurry to do Palace any favours this summer regarding Benteke. 

Our pursuit of Liverpool’s misfit frontman has dominated the thoughts of Eagles fans everywhere in the last few weeks, with Alan Pardew’s unashamed interest in bringing the big man to SE25 leading thousands to wonder why the negotiations appear to have reached a stalemate on either side of the negotiating table. 

Whilst it is fully understandable for Benteke to want to fight for a starting role at Anfield in the coming season if he feels inclined, all the noises making their way out of the North West of late point towards Christian having accepted that a move away from Klopp’s revolution may be the best way of kick-starting his now stalling career. 

With that in mind, Klopp’s comments attached above have provoked many into believing that the Reds have shifted the goalposts ever so slightly in recent weeks, prompting the Palace hierarchy, who just under a month ago were immensely keen to finalise a deal, into reconsidering their position over whether or not their most high-profile transfer target of the summer is worth the hassle. 

Although vast swathes of the English football watching public appear to have fallen madly in love with yellow-toothed eccentric Jurgen Klopp since he arrived on these shores, his general demeanour is often far removed from the affable goofball that the media like to paint him as at the drop of a hat. 

When analysing the comments he’s made regarding Christian Benteke’s future at the top of this article, it’s worth remembering that Palace have offered close to £30 million to take the striker off Klopp’s hands, which whatever way you slice it, represents a bid that should never be described as though it’s nothing more than an insult to the reputation Liverpool players enjoy across Britain. 

Of course, as a fan of the Reds, you’re likely to be happy at the outlandish nature of your manager’s words on all manner of subjects, but as we near the conclusion of the transfer window, Klopp’s desperation to fall into line with the sound bite ridden reputation he has built himself with the press in recent years is growing somewhat tiresome. 

We want the player, the man himself appears to have accepted that he needs to move on to further his career and there is money to spend in the Palace transfer pot, so what’s the problem? On the face of things, Klopp and the directors directly above him are the ones who are building hurdles upon which they aim to make us stumble. 

The transfer window has always been a time for brinksmanship, but the Liverpool manager’s comments and general attitude paint a picture of stubbornness and arrogance rather than one of the fun-loving rogue who has dominated the back pages of our newspapers in recent times. 

Who knew spending multi-millions could be such a minefield?

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  • Spiceboy August 6, 2016 - 6:36 am Reply

    A bid of 30 million cash should seal it. I’m getting fed up with us being linked with midfielders we have enough striker please for the love of god please. Also another centre back or left back would not go amiss. Delaney is too old now and slow

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