Millen Pours Scorn On Charlie Wyett’s Shameful Sun Article Regarding Zaha

1 Posted by - July 31, 2016 - News

The last few days have seen speculation gathering pace about Wilfried Zaha’s immediate future at Selhurst Park thanks to an article from The Sun’s Charlie Wyett, but Palace’s assistant manager Keith Millen was quick to dismiss it yesterday. 

These quotes from Millen directly contradict Wyett’s dreadful piece in The Sun last week. Terrible man, terrible paper. 

The article penned by Wyett, whilst be full of startling inaccuracies, gave the impression that Zaha was genuinely angry with the Palace board after being “misled” regarding talks over a new contract which hadn’t materialised over the summer, not that the player has given an indication of being anything over than happy to still be plying his trade in SE25 over the last two or three weeks. 

Whilst there is every chance that Wyett was encouraged to write the story in a sensational manner by those above him in The Sun’s hierarchy, it doesn’t exactly paint a positive picture of the man’s journalistic principles to see him pouring fuel on a fire which in metaphorical terms, is still to be lit. 

No doubt he’ll remain silent or worse still, respond in an unashamedly ambivalent manner when questioned about the motives behind such a tall tale, but as a man who is happily on the payroll of a news outlet who have routinely shown no shame when directly lying about matters far more serious than a contract dispute in years gone by, we should be anything but surprised by his conduct.

Thanks to Palace’s assistant manager, we as a fan-base can happily put this matter to the back of our minds after a few days of mild panic took their grip. As you can see from the quotes attached above, Millen seemingly holds Wyett in low regard too, having seen the figurative Palace boat rocked unnecessarily by his misleading ramblings for a large chunk of the last week. 


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