How Big Was Palace’s Wage Bill In 2015/16? (Premier League Clubs Ranked)

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Premier League players’ salaries have long been a topic of debate and annoyance for vast swathes of the public, but how much did each club shell out in wages last season?

This feature gives a complete breakdown of the wages for all 20 of last season’s Premier League teams. There are a fair few surprises. 

Thanks to the bumper new TV deal that has been implemented over the summer, the sums that Premier League owners have to play with have skyrocketed ahead of the new campaign, but the above piece documents the collective spending of the 2015/16 campaign as an easy snapshot allowing you to decipher who got value for money from their players.

It has often been said that a club’s overall wage bill is the best guide as to their chances of success in the months to come, with the ruthless market surrounding the purchase of players acting as a solid base by which to define their true worth to you on the field of play.

With that in mind, the above table places the transfer strategy of numerous Premier League clubs under severe scrutiny, given the shift of power which saw Leicester City cruise to a truly unexpected title triumph last term, followed almost all the way by a dynamic Tottenham Hotspur side.

Whilst there remains no overwhelming consensus opinion from the terraces over the funding strategy adopted by Steve Parish and his fellow directors, Crystal Palace’s place in the league table of spending will no doubt raise an eyebrow or two, given the vastly different figures that are often floated around in relation to the wage packets of our best-known first-team stars.

It is alarmingly easy for any passionate football fan to get caught up in the emotion of a relentless league campaign and lose sight of the bigger picture, but thanks to the above feature, the financial facts surrounding the Premier League gravy train are presented without a hint of bias, allowing even the most partisan of club supporter to pore over its findings and draw a measured and informed conclusion over the relative performance of their chosen team.

Taking Leicester City out of the equation completely, the overall performance of Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Newcastle are particular eye-openers given their place in the financial league table; in all three cases, pre-season expectations have been completely blown out of the water.


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  • Jose Fonte Baby! Jose Fonte, Oh, Oh, Oh July 25, 2016 - 9:58 am Reply

    Your right to point out that Villa and Newcastle as well as Leicester at the other end of the table prove that money doesn’t buy success or longevity. Another example is Athletico Madrid who had a smaller wage bill than QPR the year they got relegated. Shrewd recruitment and a manager who instills a strong identity and team morale are the two key ingredients to a clubs success.

  • Jose Fonte Baby! Jose Fonte, Oh, Oh, Oh July 25, 2016 - 9:59 am Reply

    Also it says Benteke gets 140k at Liverpool, can’t see anyone paying him that after last season, even with TV deal!

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