Palace Go All Out For Berahino, WBA Maintain Bafflingly Stubborn Stance

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Crystal Palace’s protracted search for a new striker looks set to lurch into another week after their bid for West Brom’s Saido Berahino was swiftly rebuffed by the Midlands outfit. 

This report details the exact size of Palace’s bid, Stoke’s continued interest and WBA’s bafflingly stubborn stance.

Having grown tired of Liverpool’s ever-changing view on the immediate future of perennial bench-dweller Christian Benteke, it seems as though Alan Pardew and the Eagles’ board of directors have decided to focus their gaze elsewhere, but as you see from the details attached in the article featured above, we’re finding it remarkably difficult to convince anyone to take our money. 

Palace’s desire to sign a new striker has been well documented since the departure of Dwight Gayle to Newcastle a few weeks ago, but in a market where goalscorers are looked upon as an extremely rare commodity, negotiations with your direct competitiors can easily become gridlocked if owners on either side of the table are overly concerned about the fees involved. 

Whilst Berahino is far from the only striker to have been linked with a move to SE25 this summer, many had hoped that this obvious show of intent from Pardew and co. would force the Baggies’ hand, but given the rapid nature of the response from owner Jeremy Peace, we still have some work to do if we are to push a transfer through.

With Christian Benteke widely regarded as an obvious tactical fit at Selhurst Park, the nature of the plan that would place Berahino at its core is a great deal less certain in the minds of the Eagles’ faithful, given his similar statute to the aforementioned Dwight Gayle. When you then factor in the difficulties West Brom have encountered with Berahino away from the field, it is hard not to look at our interest without a hint of trepidation for what may lay in store for our coaches and directors in the months and years to come. 

It’s clear that Palace aren’t afraid to spend big to land a new front man during this window, but as things stand, the identity of the man in question remains as unclear as ever before. 

We’ll keep you updated. 

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  • John Bonehill July 23, 2016 - 9:55 am Reply

    Still at a great loss to understand the situation, myself. I know this client’s p’d Jeremy off and that isn’t a bright thing to do but I’m sure JP wouldn’t cut off his nose to spite his face to the tune of £20 mill. It’s well known JP is looking for a buyer for the Club and there’s much local rumour that a sale is imminent. How the maschinations of that might affect the situation, I can’t imagine. As I’ve said before, as a Baggie, I have a liking for Palace as a sort of kindred spirit. Are you really sure you want to put so much effort and money into buying, in my opinion, a dubious troublesome talent?

    • Martyn July 23, 2016 - 5:46 pm Reply

      To be honest, John. I think your Chairman is hoping other clubs will see what has just been rejected and hope someone else will come in with a higher offer. Or we go back with a higher offer considering what we’ve been reported to have bid on Bent eke. But I think you’re right, I think he’s a risk for that much money.

  • Sharpy July 23, 2016 - 10:37 am Reply

    Baffling ? They have just got an offer of £20m Plus add ons when the offer they had on the table was £17m plus add ons why would they cash in when times on West Brom’s side with five weeks still to go in the window ? If it was us we would be saying well done to our board !

  • John Bonehill July 23, 2016 - 9:29 pm Reply

    I am kust amazed any club sees Berahino at anywhere near £20 mill. It certainly can’t be for what he’s done on the pitch in the last eighteen months and surely people outside of West Brom must be aware of his off-field antics during that time.

  • John Bonehill July 23, 2016 - 9:31 pm Reply

    “Kust”? 😀

    • Martyn July 24, 2016 - 4:40 pm Reply

      Haha. I agree!

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