All 20 Premier League Team’s 2016-17 Fixture Lists “Leaked” Online 

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Every year, we see a “leaked” and usually bogus list of Premier League fixtures floating around the internet a few days before their official release; this summer however, it’s arrived earlier than ever before. 

This document lists the “fixtures” of all 20 Premier League teams for the 2016/17 campaign. They’ve upped their game this year. 

Whilst there is always a monumental amount of scepticism attached to the publication of leaked fixtures, it does give us all something to pour over in the bleak days in between the end the league season and the start of Euro 2016 on Friday night. 

You could be forgiven for skipping over the first 11 pages of the document in question to see the apparent list of games Palace will be faced with between August and May, although you’re unlikely to be over the moon with what you find. 

Whilst the opening two months of the campaign look remarkably straightforward on paper, the festive slog of December and January appears at first glance to be a serious test of Alan Pardew’s managerial credentials, particularly when you consider the drop in form we encountered at exactly that moment last season. 

Given the tendency of supporters to look towards the first and last day of the season when first offered the chance to browse the team’s fixture list, the games on offer an unlikely to whet your appetite either; leaving many of us desperately hoping that this current incarnation of the Premier League calender is simply   just another elaborate hoax. 

Should this indeed turn out to nothing like the official fixture list, which is set to be released inside the next couple of weeks, questions could be legitimately raised as to why anyone would bother going to this much trouble to falsify such a document, but for the time being, it’s certainly caught the imagination of football fans across the county. 


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