How Much Money Did Crystal Palace FC Make This Season?

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With the money on offer in the Premier League growing steadily each year, fans across the country are more eager than ever to know exactly how much is flooding into their club’s coffers each season.

This table offers a detailed breakdown on how much every club, (including Crystal Palace) earned from Premier League football this season.

Thanks to the feature attached in the link above, we now have a detailed breakdown of the exact figures that were dished out to all 20 participants in the top flight for their final league positions, with specific sections documenting where each and every penny of the final figure can be sourced from.

The overall sum comes in at an eye-watering £1.6 billion across the league, allowing for Facility Fees, Overseas TV and Central Commercial funding, as well as the all-important Merit Payment, which jumps dramatically depending on your final position in the Premier League table.

Despite the incredible figures being thrown around in the attached chart, funding to the English top flight is set to sky-rocket again next season thanks to a new TV deal negotiated recently; a development which placed more importance than ever on Alan Pardew and co. maintaining their place in the division once things became a little dicey towards the end of the previous campaign.

Whilst Palace’s overall payment is absolutely huge in comparison to the sort we could have expected four to five years ago, there remains a sense of regret that we weren’t able to maintain our early season form, given the leap in funding we could have expected to line our pockets this summer.

There is also an interesting tally of the number of “UK Live” TV appearances every club has made over the course of the 2015/16 campaign, with Palace’s total unsurprisingly at the bottom end of the scale, whilst one of the stereotypically “fashionable” clubs have seen themselves picked for live coverage for an incredibly high 27 of their 38 Premier League fixtures.

All in all, it makes for a mind-bending trip into the world of football finance in 2016, where for many, Premier League mediocrity trumps the potential of winning a trophy. Luckily for us, the recent brush we had with success is likely to keep both fires burning just as brightly for the foreseeable future.


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