A Superb Analysis Of Why Palace’s Support Is Better Than Manchester United’s

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Self-congratulation isn’t a particularly pleasant character trait to employ when yearning for the respect of your peers, but, when praise is showered on you from outsiders, there really is no harm in lapping it up for all its worth. 

This article sums up exactly why Crystal Palace’s support was better than Manchester United’s last weekend. It’s superb. 

Last Saturday’s FA Cup Final may have already been consigned to the annals of footballing history by many but evidentially, the shockwaves created by the disparity of the support shown by both sets of fans has led to a sizeable level of soul-searching in the North West. 

The article attached above, penned by the Manchester Evening News journalist Andy Mitten takes aim at the woeful backing given to Louis Van Gaal’s triumphant Reds in the stands during last weekend’s showpiece final, pointing towards the unity and colour emanating from the Crystal Palace section as an example with which those from the Theatre Of Dreams would do well to follow. 

It’s a remarkably critical yet well constructed summary of the differences that exist between two sets of supporters who at present happily distance themselves from the image of one another. 

Whilst many across the country have long mocked the “ultra led” style of Palace’s support since the Holmesdale Fanatics were first founded in 2005, the general trend now appears to be turning towards offering the group of lads behind it a sense of grudging and fully deserved credit for their collective efforts. 

It is easy to write off any British football fans who take the time to organise the sorts of displays we coordinated at Wembley on Saturday evening, but finally, if Andy Mitten’s piece above is anything to go by, it looks as though the penny is finally dropping amongst the notoriously sceptical masses who usually bust a gut to pour scorn on anything that challenges the well-worn normality of football fandom across the UK. 

It is an article that can act as a great benefit to Crystal Palace and Manchester United fans alike; in fact, Mitten’s words should be soaked up by each and every person with a penchant for a football club before the new season begins. 

Rather than poking fun at Palace’s support in an attempt to be “edgy”, we may finally see people readily admitting that it does create a raucous atmosphere. It takes a great deal of maturity for someone outside of the bubble to take the first step, thankfully Andy Mitten is that man. 

Read his words, you’ll enjoy them. 

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  • mike May 25, 2016 - 8:58 pm Reply

    Yes – he has been very fair to us “Eagles” and accurate about UTDS atmosphere problem – not so much away.
    It is not just down to “Singers” being in groups – although the Palace owners have been incredible in their own co-operation and enthusiasm.
    Seating has restricted vocal gatherings for sure – but many “fans” of big clubs have no idea about the “Palace” way of supporting.
    IE – Still in the seventies – despite the seats.
    Some are just reputation followers, some are the “Prawn Sandwich” brigade, some are just very spoilt by success and then their are those who wouldn’t recognise passion if 3 naked ladies lined up and said “Chase me”.

  • Richard C May 25, 2016 - 10:58 pm Reply

    Agreed, but not sure it’s rocket science, most Palace fans are local and feel connected to the club, something that is completely alien to the majority of Utd fans…….simples!

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