VIDEO: This Sums Up The Difference Between Palace & United’s Support

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Much has been made of the contrast in support between Crystal Palace and Manchester United at Wembley on Saturday, but the video attached below probably demonstrates the gulf between the two sets of fans better than anything else.

This video offers the single best demonstration of the difference in passion between Palace and Manchester United supporters on Saturday. It’s superb.

Thanks to the fantastic work done by the Holmesdale Fanatics since they were first formed back in 2005, our club’s supporters have gained a reputation across the country as one of the most noisy and colourful followings you’ll come across in the UK and last weekend proved to be no exception.

Spurred on by the full backing of the club at boardroom level, the Fanatics were granted access to Wembley Stadium 24 hours before anyone else, in preparation for a display which would come across incredibly to all of those who were watching the final as a neutral from the comfort of their living room.

Spread across thousands of seats behind the goal, was an epic display of red and blue, surrounding a giant picture of an Eagle behind a banner which read “This Mentality Is Unstoppable”. Whilst many displays of this type tend to fall a little flat, those situated behind the goal happily took part in the process for a solid 20 minutes prior to kick-off, providing a dramatic and amusing contrast to the genuinely lifeless sight of Manchester United fans opposite them.

The video attached at the top of this article scans across the stadium at some point prior to the start of the game, beginning focused in on the frantic scene of noise and colour at the Palace end of the stadium before slowly panning towards the hordes of uninterested Reds on the other side of the divide.

The widespread display was a sight to behold in the build-up to what was to be an epic FA Cup Final, in which the fans continued to do themselves proud for the entirety of the 120 minutes that were played.

We support a very special football club, of that there is no doubt.


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