This Report From The FA Cup Final Is A Must-Read For All Palace Fans

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There have been plenty of match reports written about Saturday’s FA Cup Final between Crystal Palace and Manchester United, but the one attached below is undoubtedly the best you’ll read.

This report from Saturday’s FA Cup Final will leave you bursting with pride at the impact Palace fans made in the stands throughout. 

When you are amongst your own supporters at any game, it’s incredibly difficult to gain a sense of how well the noise and passion surrounding you is coming across to those watching from a neutral perspective, but thankfully, as the above piece proves in no uncertain terms, our supporters more than won the battle in the stands under the famous Wembley arch. 

The report manages to explore the noise and colour that the Palace fans created in fantastic style, with the reporter, a certain Colin Mafham, having clearly been blown away by the efforts made by those of a red and blue persuasion at one end of the national stadium. 

Any Manchester United fans reading Mafham’s account of the day will probably suggest that was looking at the game with one foot in the Palace camp already, but as far as we’re aware, he attended the fixture as nothing more than a neutral bystander tasked with crafting a report as he saw fit. 

The admiration our supporters have been showered with in the press is probably scant consolation for many given the final score, but there should be an overwhelming sense of pride from Palace fans everywhere over the image we presented to the watching world on Saturday evening. 

The players were clearly stunned by the level of backing they were given throughout the 120 minutes and perhaps even more so following the final whistle, when their teary faces were serenaded by the tens of thousands who remained in their seats to show their vocal appreciation for the performance they had just witnessed. 

The result certainly didn’t go the way we wanted, but as the above account of the day shows, our supporters made one hell of an impact on the minds of those who watched from a non partisan point of view. 


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