Palace & Man United Fans Banned From All Club Colours In Corporate Seats

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Fans of Crystal Palace and Manchester United will be banned from wearing any club colours in the corporate seats of Wembley during Saturday’s FA Cup Final. 

This latest batch of restrictions from the FA are incredibly harsh. You have to wonder if people will soon be ejected for cheering.

Whilst the two seperate ends of the national stadium will be vibrantly splashed with the two club’s respective strips, the FA have decided to impose an unbelievable level of scrutiny on those who happen to have a ticket for the most expensive area of the stadium. 

The excuse given by those who wield the power at the FA appears to centre around the threat of potential violence bubbling over in the plush surroundings of club Wembley; an occurrence which, given the prestige of the event, they are desperate to avoid for fear of upsetting the vast number of high-profile guests who will be hobnobbing on the day. 

There has already been a great deal of anger expressed over the ticketing policy for the showpiece fixture, with thousands upon thousands of seats being allocated for corporate use. Having been given more than 32,000 tickets for our respective semi-finals, both ourselves and United now have just 28,000, with the rest finding their way into the hands of deep-pocketed neutrals from across the globe. 

Whilst the ban on replica shirts in corporate areas is an understandable move, when you take into account the formal dresscode that is observed in similar establishments across the country, this latest raft of restrictions are a truly ridiculous measure. 

For many, especially those on the Palace side of the divide, an FA Cup Final is a once in a lifetime event, with plenty possessing accessories that they deem to be something of a lucky charm. Now it seems, they won’t be allowed to show any form of partisanship. 

It just feels wrong. 

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