VIDEO: Palace Fans: Stop What You’re Doing & Watch This, It’s Brilliant

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“A Palace Minute” has become something an institution amongst our fan base in recent years, and the latest offering is arguably the best one ever created. 

This video is without doubt the best thing any Crystal Palace fan will watch today. The man behind these is a total genius. 

With an FA Cup Final appearance now less than a week away, the 26th instalment of the YouTube series is an “mega mix” of karaoke classics, sung by plasticine versions of the current squad, owners and players of old. Believe me, it’s an absolute classic. 

God only knows how long each one of the videos takes to make, but with this one lasting over seven minutes, you can be sure that an absolutely massive amount of work has gone into its production. 

Whilst we could provide a detailed breakdown of every song and Palace reference that is featured in the video, it would only take away from your enjoyment of it all on first viewing, given the genuinely amusing tone that it takes throughout. 

There are appearances from Steve Parish, Yannick and Wilf, Connor Wickham, Pape Souare and a trio of Palace midfielders taking on the guise of a heavy metal band, not to mention a special guest spot for everyone’s least favourite referee Mark Clattenburg to name but a few. This time, the man behind the “Palace Minute” series really has pulled out all of the stops. 

We are undeniable underdogs heading into the FA Cup Final clash with Manchester United, but for a club like us, it’s a position we thrive in, spurred on all the more by things like this, within which we readily poke fun at ourselves whilst also installing a sense of pride over what we represent as a collective entity. 

Put quite simply, this video is a sure fire way to put a smile on the face of each and every Palace fan you know. Stop what you’re doing and watch it. You won’t be disappointed.  

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