LISTEN: Quite Simply The Best Song Any Palace Fan Will Listen To Today

3 Posted by - May 11, 2016 - Audio, News

Having already been treated to one Palace Cup Final song within the last couple of weeks, we’ve now get a second and dare I say it, far better effort from Palace fan and comedian Doc Brown with the help of Verb T. 

This unofficial Palace FA Cup Final song is quite simply fantastic. I defy you to listen to it and not nod your head along as it plays…

Doc, who’s already made his Palace fandom publicly known through numerous appearances on the Saturday morning Sky Sports show Soccer AM, has teamed up with British MC Verb T to create a remarkably well produced single to commemorate the Eagles’ second ever FA Cup Final appearance. 

Having swerved the opportunity to do an official collaboration with the club, Doc and Verb T’s respective verses manage to crowbar in a dizzying number or Palace references new and old whilst masterfully skating around the cliches that are so often associated with “football songs” of the same genre. 

The quality of the musical production comes as an extremely pleasant surprise, as does the warm feel of the footage that was captured when filming the accompanying video. As you would expect, there is a degree of self-deprecation from the lads throughout their respective lines, but overall, it serves as a much welcomed addition to the Palace supporters’ song book ahead of our second trip to Wembley in a matter of weeks. 

I defy you to listen to the above video and not end up bobbing your head by the end of it, regardless of your usual taste in music. Call it misty-eyed bias if you wish, but the lads have, to all intents and purposes,  created a credible, catchy football song without selling their souls in the process. A task that, as many have found out in years gone by, can prove mightily tricky to pull off. 

Give it a go, it might just end up being your favourite tune of the summer. 

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  • Richard Down May 12, 2016 - 5:58 pm Reply

    Not exactly a tune but a very clever rhythmic poem which did make me chuckle what with the reference 25 percent possession. It captured the Palace fans sense of humour very well. It just doesn’t come over as a terrace singalong. So you pays your money. Part of me would be quite happy if our players weren’t pushed into a recording studio. The results can be truly horrible. Normally I dislike rap/hiphop, whatever you call it. My generation I guess but the clarity of the words does make this one worth a listen

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