VIDEO: Bolasie Chased Around The Wembley Turf By Palace TV

1 Posted by - April 25, 2016 - Video

If you’ve watched any of Palace TV’s footage over the last year or so, (given the fact that you’re reading this, you probably have) you’ll have seen the face of the club’s online TV channel Chris Grierson on numerous occasions.

This footage sees Grierson desperately trying (and failing) to corner Yannick Bolasie for an interview on the Wembley pitch after our victory.

Yesterday, as part of his many duties, he was tasked with interviewing the players on the pitch at Wembley in the immediate aftermath of our win; not a bad job for a bloke who has spent all of his life as a die-hard supporter, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Unfortunately for him, the challenge of tracking down a jubilant Yannick Bolasie in the moments immediately after the final whistle wasn’t the easiest thing he’s ever done with a microphone in his hand, as the always energetic winger jogged around the field to celebrate with the thousands of ecstatic Palace fans still in attendance.

The footage that followed, (attached above) sees Grierson embarking on an almost Benny Hill-esque chase across the Wembley turf in the hope of catching a few precious seconds with the DR Congo winger. Thankfully, for Chris, we can confirm that he did finally manage corner him for a few seconds and conduct an interview that we’ll be putting up on HLTCO later.

It was something I had remarked upon on Twitter a few days ago, but for Yannick on a personal level, yesterday will have been extremely special for a multitude of reasons. Having grown up just a few miles away from Wembley, he wasn’t given the chance to play when we last visited in 2013, a fact that will only have made the emotion of scoring the opening goal of yesterday’s encounter more intense.

We’ve all loved the youthful enthusiasm Yala has for the game, a trait that is shown in perfect clarity by his evasive run at Chris Grierson’s expense. It’s bound to make you chuckle.


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