Pulis Flatly Refuses To Comment On His £3.5 Million Bill From Palace

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Following the news earlier this week that Tony Pulis will be forced to pay more than £3.5 million to Crystal Palace after a dispute over his acrimonious departure in 2014, the media did their level best to coax him into expressing an opinion on the ruling.

This piece documents Pulis’ reaction to being pressed for some form of context over the £3.5 million bill  he was hit with from Crystal Palace on Tuesday. 

Whilst you can be 100% sure that the Welshman is absolutely fuming at being ordered to pay such a hefty sum to his former employers, he did a remarkably solid job of remaining poker-faced when pressed on the subject at this afternoon’s press conference, no doubt as a direct consequence of even more financial sanctions being subsequently placed on his shoulders.

As you will discover by reading this excellent breakdown of the legalities associated with a case in this mould; any further comment made by the invested regarding the official ruling could potentially lead to a breach of confidentiality, which explains Pulis’ reluctance to even entertain the idea of a discussion on the hearing during his press conference this morning.

One thing that has not been disclosed as of yet, is the period of time Pulis will be given to pay the debt he now owes to the football club. Given the eye-watering size of the bill, you would assume he’ll be in the pockets of Steve Parish and co. for a number of years, unless he’s lucky enough to have in excess of £3 million laying in a savings account for a rainy day such as this.

In similar fashion, Steve Parish’s programme notes for tomorrow’s game against Leicester City predictably makes no mention of the case; not that you’ll need to hear it from the man himself to be assured that he’ll be over the moon at having seen justice served against his former employee.

I’d pay good money to see the next meeting between the two men, whenever and wherever it may take place. It will be frostier than a January morning on the slopes of the Swiss Alps, which coincidentally, is where Steve Parish happens to be enjoying a mini break as we speak.

How the other side live, eh?

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