Alan Pardew Suggests Palace Are “Nowhere Near As Big As Southampton”

0 Posted by - March 18, 2016 - Daily Thoughts, News

Alan Pardew pulled no punches over the struggles he and his players have endured  recently when talking to the press on Thursday, admitting that he went through his worst week as the club’s manager recently.

These comments from Pardew on Crystal Palace’s stature could easily be deemed unnecessarily harsh. Was there any need for it?

In a surprisingly harsh critique of the football club and its place within the English game, the Eagles’ gaffer compared his current employers’ stature unfavourably with Southampton; a move that could easily rub a number of our supporters up the wrong way if it is taken in the wrong context.

Admittedly, he and the squad have been forced to battle through an extremely tough run of league fixtures in 2016, but it feels a little strange to see the manager publicly putting the club down in a press conference ahead of a home game against the league leaders with three massive points at stake.

Perhaps it’s his way of forcing the players to battle through the next few matches rather than coasting, but on the face of things, it’s difficult to know how to react to comments which, were they made by someone outside the football club, would rightly draw a level of vocal criticism from our fanbase if taken at face value.

There is of course an element of realism to the sentiments expressed by Pardew in the article above; a fact any sane Palace fan would readily concede, but his words are hardly a rallying call to arms for a group of fans who have had nothing to shout about in terms of Premier League form since mid-December.

Hopefully, his words act as a figurative kick up the collective backsides of our squad in the build-up to a game which could see us all but mathematically secure our Premier League safety for another year this Saturday.

Casting aside our pending FA Cup semi-final appearance, we could do with a reason or two to be cheerful as we hurtle towards April with an eye on the drop zone. A fact he will be painfully aware of.

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  • Richard Glen March 18, 2016 - 9:35 am Reply

    perhaps he has a point!!one thing is for certain we are not as good as we think we are and we seriously need to wake up and soon!!!has anyone actually grasped the fact that we are in real danger of going down???it is almost like we are oblivious to it!!??

  • Martyn March 18, 2016 - 11:30 am Reply

    He probably would know, he’s managed them both.

  • Gordon March 18, 2016 - 2:16 pm Reply

    I agree, most supporters seem completely oblivious to it. I said quite a while ago I can’t see where our next win is gonna come from. But knowing us it’ll probably be against the league leaders Saturday. I’m hoping this is the big wake up call the whole club needs, when we’re playing at our best we are a top half team but at the moment we’re playing like a team that’s going to be relegated. If we do stay up ( which I think we will, just ) we need 4-5 good additions and give the youngsters a go ( kaikai is banging in the goals, give him a chance ) if we carry on like this and just survive it’s gonna be hard next season. Also I wonder what the Americans are thinking now!!!

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