VIDEO: Without Doubt, The Best Thing Any Palace Fan Will Watch Today

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For Crystal Palace fans of a certain age, Michael Hughes will always be looked upon as one of the best loved players to ever pull on a red and blue shirt.

This deeply interesting and in-depth interview with Michael Hughes is absolutely essential viewing for any Palace fan.

In what is the first in a series of documentaries on the club’s “cult heroes” over the years, Chris Grierson traveled to Northern Ireland to catch up with the former Eagles midfielder, for an interview that will lift your spirits and tug at your heartstrings in equal measure.

Constantly combative and incredibly fiery during his playing days; Hughesie, as he was affectionately known by the Palace faithful, epitomised the Iain Dowie era at Selhurst Park. Whilst certain players may sometimes be accused of not giving 100%, the diminutive Hughes was always the first man you would look towards as a supporter when the game needed grabbing by the scruff of the neck, a chsracteristic he clearly revelled in throughout his career.

It may prove difficult for fans who never got to witness him at his snarling best to ever fully appreciate what Hughes brought to the team, but trust us, there were few men you’d have rather had in the heart of the Palace midfield than Michael when the going got tough.

Where years ago, Crystal Palace’s media output was severely lacking in depth and production quality, the last 18 months have seen a sea change behind the scenes in SE25, with Grierson and a host of others ensuring that fans are more entertained and informed than ever before.

The in-depth interview with Michael Hughes attached above is up there with the best content we’ve ever been offered by the club in an official capacity, allowing us to gain a true insight into the thoughts of a former player who occupies legendary status in the eyes of so many Palace supporters.

If you watch one thing today, make it this. You won’t be disappointed.

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