ESPN Pundits Hislop & Burley Totally Lost Their Heads Over Alan Pardew

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You could be forgiven for forgetting that Shaka Hislop ever played for Reading, but the former Royals keeper well and truly threw his toys out of the pram on their behalf following Friday night’s FA Cup defeat. 

ESPN talking heads Shaka Hislop and Craig Burley completely lost their heads with Alan Pardew here. Calm down lads, you’ll do yourselves long-term damage. 

Having seen the hosts’ resistance broken in the final five minutes after Yannick Bolasie was brought down in the penalty area by Jake Cooper, Hislop has described Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew as “two-faced” for not condemning Yala for “diving”.

Hislop’s remarkably passionate and ludicrous rant on the subject references Pardew’s complaints over Benteke’s theatrics in Palace’s last-gasp defeat at home to Liverpool a week before as a sign of hypocrisy from the Eagles’ supremo, with his fellow loud-mouthed cheerleader Craig Burley adding fuel to the fire by describing Pardew as an “absolute joke” amongst other things.

Clearly, the sense of karma created by Mike Dean pointing to the spot was lost on Hislop and Burley, both of whom reacted to Pardew’s non-commital comments on the decision as if the gaffer was guilty of a war crime rather than a simple nod towards the frustration he felt at our own hard luck just a few days before. 

Without wanting to get too catty, their outlandish reaction is probably as good an indicator as any as to why neither have been given work by one of the major players in televised football in the UK. They simply aren’t professional enough. 

Keep your composure next time, boys. It’ll do your job prospects the world of good. 

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  • Cris March 15, 2016 - 2:47 pm Reply

    To HLTCO,
    Just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent article and comnents about Mr. Hislop and Mr.Burley, i did not hear them screaming no penalty
    and stand up Benteke after last weeks decision against Liverpool !
    It seems when AP sticks up for the team and shows his passion, these so called pundits who are mostly ex players label him as over the top and bias!
    Are they not doing exactly the same thing, total hypocrites in my opinion.
    Get off our managers back, he’s 100 percent Palace he’s AP.

    Palace til i die

    • admin March 17, 2016 - 3:11 pm Reply

      Top man, Cris.

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