VIDEO: Ian Wright Felt More “Love” At Palace Than He Did At Arsenal

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Ian Wright is a character who divides the supporters of Crystal Palace like almost no other, but when returning to Selhurst Park recently, he admitted to feeling happier in his time with us than he did at Arsenal. 

This interview sees Ian Wright admit that he felt more “love” for his time at Crystal Palace than he did at Arsenal. We’re not surprised. 

You don’t have to search too hard to find a Palace fan who has an axe to grind with Wright, thanks to the turbulence that was created when he left us for Arsenal in the early 1990s, but since the end of his playing days, the former striker has often spoken of his affection for the football club, with the video attached above proving to be no exception. 

Whilst he is now more widely known for his affinity with the Gunners, Wright has admitted in the clip featured here, that his spell with Palace, saw him playing for the “pure love” of the game, rather than the business like approach he took towards life at Highbury. 

Having come into the club straight from non-league football, it’s no real surprise to hear Wright reminiscing with real fondness about the early stages of his professional career, where he, Mark Bright and a number of others were able to catapult themselves up the Football League by playing an attacking freedom that is still looked back on fondly by those who were there to see it. 

I’m sure, were you to press Wright into expressing his views on the years he subsequently enjoyed with Arsenal, you would see him talk for hours on end, but his admission that his time in red and blue was one that he had more “love” for certainly makes for pleasant viewing. 

He may well have achieved great things once he left SE25, but the mechanical nature of life at Arsenal clearly left him feeling a little less infatuated with the game than he did whilst donning a Palace shirt. 


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