Dom Fifield Pens A Brilliant Analysis Of The Reasons For Palace’s Slump

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The last couple of months have been a serious slog for all Palace fans, but whilst many of us have felt compelled to bury our heads in the sand and wait for the storm to pass, The Guardian’s Dominic Fifield has penned a stunningly accurate analysis of where it’s all gone wrong for Alan Pardew’s Palace side.

This article from Dominic Fifield is a truly fantastic summary of Crystal Palace’s struggles since the turn of the year. It may not be pleasant, but he’s got to the heart of the reasons for our poor form with real skill.

To the uninformed outsider, the slump we’ve suffered since Christmas could look utterly baffling, but to those with a solid grip on the day-to-day goings on in SE25, there have been a number of obvious reasons for our struggles, all of which have been laid out in one all-encompassing piece by Fifield in the article attached above.

You can be sure that Dom, himself a dedicated Palace fan, took absolutely no joy in summarising our woeful run so comprehensively; after all, goals and success sells far more easily than misery, but of late, the former is in short supply at Selhurst Park. It is not a reactionary piece in the slightest, instead looking at the facts with a remarkable degree of perspective and thoughtfulness, in the hope of getting to the route of the problems facing us as we head into the final stages of the season.

There are plenty on Tyneside who are waiting with bated breath for the tide to turn against their former boss, but to our fans’ credit, there has been a reluctance to stick the knife into Pardew too quickly, despite our dismal run of results. Of course, our stunning victories prior to the turn of the year have bought him a great deal of time, but as Fifield rightly points out, there is only so much any fan-base can tolerate, with tonight’s game looking to be pivotal for Pardew and his players in relation to the remainder of the league season.

You simply won’t find a better summary of the position we as a club currently find ourselves in than the piece attached at the top of this post. Take a few minutes out of your day and give it a read. It may not make you feel particularly optimistic, but it will give you a sense of perspective over our recent results. Dom really is one of the best in the business.

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