Palace Fan Slates Steve Parish In The National Press Over Ticket Pricing

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Ticket pricing has been a hot topic of conversation throughout the game over the last week or so, following Liverpool’s controversial plans to charge £77 for some games next season. Now, Crystal Palace are facing a battle with their own supporters. 

This long-standing Palace fan has gone all out in his criticism of Steve Parish. You can be absolutely certain that the club won’t be happy with this sort of publicity. 

Despite the club freezing season ticket prices for the vast majority of seats inside Selhurst Park next season, Ricky Rogers, a long-standing fan of the club was outraged to learn that 200 seats inside the Director’s Box area of the Main Stand would not see thier price frozen for the 2016/17 campaign. 

His words, covered comprehensively in the article attached above, are openly critical of Palace’s co-chairman Steve Parish, with Rogers suggesting that the club’s hierarchy are showing an “outrageous lack of respect” to him and his fellow fans. 

To their credit, Palace have since issued a statement on the matter which is also printed in full within the article attached above; attempting to calm the waters in anticipation of a similar backlash to the one Liverpool are currently being forced to contend with in the press over alterations to their pricing policies. 

Part of me does wonder whether both Mr Rogers and the newspaper in question have seen an opportunity to stick the knife into another club and run with it, knowing full well that in the current climate, the masses are likely to jump on this particular bandwagon far more readily than they would have two or three weeks previously. 

There are some extremely strong words directed towards Steve Parish from Mr Rogers, which, now they have been put in print, could have a lasting impact across the football club, should this story continue to rumble on for longer than 24 hours. 

Opportunistic it may be, but in the circumstances, it should come as no surprise to see a story such as this in the national press.

Have a read for yourself above. Which side are you on? 

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